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Kitchen Renovation

White modern kitchen

You spend a good portion of your time in your kitchen, so shouldn’t it be a place that’s uplifting and calming, or at least reflects your style? Whether you’re interested in a kitchen remodel or a full kitchen renovation, you can trust our home improvement company in Raleigh to produce exactly what you want—even if you didn’t know you wanted it! Our comprehensive approach to kitchen remodels and kitchen renovations begin with your style and must-haves. Then we move on to the custom kitchen cabinets and technicalities of size and shape that will coordinate with the backsplash, and it all comes together into an exquisite custom kitchen you can call your own.

We know you want a kitchen that reflects the personality of your home and family while also fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle—a kitchen that is not only beautiful but also welcoming and efficient. You want a kitchen that is uniquely yours, not an off-the-shelf solution for your new home’s kitchen or your kitchen remodel. The advantage of working with GID Renovation is that our home interior design process always results in an environment that is custom-tailored to meet your every need. There are no cookie-cutter solutions because there are no cookie-cutter homeowners.

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Bathroom Renovation

Modern bath tub

GID Renovation is not selling you bathroom products. We are giving you the luxury of enjoying your bathroom and providing you with a one-stop hassle-free experience while building your dream bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Every homeowner deserves to have a bathroom that’s designed to their specifications. If you know what you want for your bathroom design, let our home improvement contractors know. They can turn it into a reality with affordable bathroom remodeling packages. Our process is seamless, allowing you to get a free estimation, go through the design process and start building in no time.

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Other Home Improvement Services

Modern fireplace

Master suites, walk-in closets, pantries, mudrooms, interior painting, whatever you need-our designers will help you get that beautiful room.

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Home Interior Design Services

Kitchen island hanging lights

Our home improvement contractors are here to help you get that stunning design for your project. We make sure that every tiny detail of your renovation is perfect.

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