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At GID Renovation, bathroom remodels are one of our specialties, and we want to turn your old and outdated bathroom into the oasis of your dreams! Our bathroom renovation services are here to make your home remodel affordable, easy, and a worthwhile investment.  

Get the Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted With GID Renovation

A home’s bathroom isn’t just a place to wash and clean up for the day—it's also a place for solace where you can shut out the outside world and indulge in self-care and rejuvenation. But if your bathroom is an outdated eyesore, you won’t want to spend much time in it—so that’s where we come in!  
If you’re tired of looking at the same sink, shower, tub, tile, and vanity in your bathroom, consider our bathroom remodel services, which will turn your bare-bones or outdated washroom into a sanctuary for respite. At GID, we make the typically hectic and agonizing home renovation project straightforward and hassle-free.  

What We Do

We understand how a bathroom project can turn into a nightmare of delays and expenses for homeowners. At GID, we’re a bathroom remodeling company that prides itself on professionalism, experience, and quality. Our full-service approach takes homeowners through every step of the process, with a team of designers who will create a blueprint that covers everything down to the smallest detail, backed up by experienced contractors who will transform your bathroom according to plan and on time.

Having a renovation project going on in your house can be a headache for homeowners, so our team always strives to stay out of the way. Our bathroom renovation contractors will always clean up their work after each day, so you’re not tripping over tools and materials in your home. We were founded on “customer first” principles, which means we pledge to deliver a streamlined bathroom renovation service with consistent quality, and it’s guided our work for over 18 years and 800 bathroom and kitchen remodel projects!

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Ready to get the process started? Browse through some photos of projects we’ve done on our website and see what you think fits your taste and interior design style.  

Give our team a call at 919-443-5174 or email us at, and we’ll go over our services and offer a free estimate on your bathroom renovation.

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